How many prints?

How can I find out how many prints I’ve made so far? I’m still not sure if this is the right machine for me and I just re read the return policy, after 50 prints the machine is not eligible for return.
How can I find out how many prints I’ve made?

You’ve posted in the right place as support are the only ones who might be able to determine via logs - there’s no user-accessible information available.

I currently see 63 prints that were started, 58 that completed successfully.

If you’ve having any problem with anything, I’d be happy to help!

Have you had any trouble yet?

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This is too much machine for me, it does more than I need.
Can I return the machine? Or exchange for the basic model?

Hi @Hickoryandpine I’m sorry to here about your troubles! I’ve sent you an email with more information about returns. I’m going to close this post so we can continue the conversation over email.