How much clearance do you need behind the unit?

How close to the rear wall can you place the GF? Since there is an exhaust hose it clearly can’t be flush unless you have the filter, which I don’t.

If you turn the hose 90 degrees, how much space do you need behind? Inches may matter in the location I am considering.

(I am getting a Pro, but will roll the GF cart as needed for more passthrough clearance. I don’t expect to need passthrough the vast majority of the time, though.)


Won’t be be flush to the wall even with the filter since you’ll need a ducted connection between the two. I can measure how much room I’ve got behind mine tonight if you’d like, it’s as close to the wall as it’ll go. 6-8" worst case by my estimate


The other day I measured and was able to push the unit 4.5" away from a flat wall with the included foil hose, but that is really tight. 5.5" is a good minimum.


Perfect, thanks folks.