How much is it going to cost me this time?

My glowforge has broken down AGAIN (for the third time!!! ) it’s out of warranty. Although I did hope when I originally purchased it 2 years ago that at that price it would last for more than 6 months at a time :(! Some people may say that the glowforge is “cheap for a laser cutter” but to me the initial expense was a lot of money and the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for myself . This time apparently it needs a new printer head (which I don’t really understand how it just broke as nothing happened to it ) To be honest if I was reviewing my glowforge since I’ve had it i would say it has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever bought - WHEN IT WORKS and the WORST thing I’ve ever bought when it breaks which seems to be FAR too regularly and with no cause . Does anyone know how much a new printer head costs ? I can’t seem to find an answer online and glowforge just asked for my address to send this latest invoice too but haven’t sent it yet and I’m just wondering how much it is going to cost me ? Has anyone else had to have a new printer head ? I’m also a little concerned that i will pay for it but it still won’t work

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Last I heard, a new printer head was in the $500.00 range. What exactly is the issue with your printer head? I can probably refurbish it, as long as none of the components have been damaged. I’ve rebuilt a couple that have suffered damage to the focusing sensor circuitry and servo controller, so I’d be willing to take a look at it for you if you’re interested.


This will answer your question directly. Their invoice will tell you the price, but it’s not an automatic charge, you can still decline it and not receive the laser head.

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I’m so sorry you’ve run into another issue with your Glowforge! I know it’s frustrating to face this kind of downtime again - we want to get you up and printing again as quickly as possible. I’ve just replied to your email to let you know the cost of the Printer Head replacement. As @raymondking32 mentioned, we want to make sure to give you the information you need to make an informed decision, so there’s no obligation to go forward with the invoice. We want to make sure you get what’s best for you!