How squeaky does my wheel need to be to get an answer?

I placed an order on November 15. I have yet to even receive a confirmation email with tracking info. It does show the order in my purchase history. I emailed support on November 18. It’s now another two days later with no info. I have orders waiting for the materials. I had to order more due to a material failure in the last cut and I’m getting awfully tired of not getting any answers or support from you. I’m still dealing with other issues that are unresolved. Your communication skills are seriously lacking. Again. Someone please talk to me!

I haven’t ordered PG in a while, but unless things have changed it takes 10-14 day to receive it. Have you checked your spam folder for the confirmation? I’ve always gotten one right away. They come from, to help with your email search.


I generally receive mine within a week since mine comes from Tennessee but lately it’s been taking been taking two weeks. Could be a backlog or just plain slow now… Looks like they may need to find another outlet for their material…

They also used to provide tracking numbers which they either no longer do or i just never get…

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Usually 4-5 days for delivery and I get the confirmation/tracking info right away. I’ve been thru my whole email platform looking for any confirmation, but thanks for the suggestion.

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I ordered my last batch on Nov 13th and got an order confirmation but nothing since…

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Considering the time of year, I expect them to take longer. How many people just like you needed to build something for a customer right now. I imagine it’s not a small number.

I ordered yesterday. I usually get a tracking number within a day, though I don’t expect that currently.

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I’m used to dealing with shipping delays, and have let my customers know that there was a problem and that their orders are delayed. So far, they’re cool about it. Likewise, I totally get that there might be a large influx of orders right now, but they don’t say anything about that, or that there might be delays in shipping because of it. I’d be cool with a delay if they said something. This time though, I have not even gotten a confirmation email, let alone tracking information.

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I haven’t got a tracking number on my last 3 orders just the confirmation. Then all of a sudden the post office shows up with the package about 2 weeks later…

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Add me to the list of recent (November 13 order) people with confirmation but no further correspondence with or without tracking number. As a new owner I’m glad to see that items do show up but agree communication is not a strong suit of the company. All the best to everyone this Thanksgiving and thanks to the community as a whole for all that is shared here!

When ordering the communication comes their supplier and it use to be real good but has recently degraded. I would be happy with just an email that states it shipped i can do without a tracking number…

Two of my past orders came within a week, but I placed an order On 11/13 as well and have not heard anything at all, I figured it is was to do with the time of year. We will see.

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Chances are it is the holidays but we will see, I’m in no hurry I was just getting low and and wanted to get my materials back up to my minimum on hand stock.

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That is one reason I prefer Macs, all emails show up and the “spam ones” are highlighted as such. You get to see them on a Mac and not have to hunt for them in the far reaches of a directory.

I have had people contact me years after I emailed them saying they finally read a very important email that sat in that wonderful invention by Microsoft, the Spam Folder.

Periodically, I send out emails with strange characters or very large attachments, they usually end up in the Spam Folder that includes this message: “Free Beer for your Lifetime if you respond to this email quickly!”

I think a few people have converted to Macs and now anxiously wait for my emails. :slight_smile:

I apologize you haven’t received tracking information for your order yet. I just followed up with you in an email with more information. Since we’re communicating there, I’m going to close this thread.