How to access live Chat Support?

Previously, I had gone to the SUPPORT link while at and at the bottom a floating panel showed up which I could open to chat through. This was mildly helpful as I could get real-time instructions and relay what I did and observed.

Now my wife has some issues and would like to get back to chat instead of email. But when we go to the SUPPORT link, all that shows up in the hover is an email contact option.

Are there certain hours when live chat is available? Or is there some other way to get to chat which is more reliable than waiting for a hover to show up on a general page?

It’s there now (9:41PST) for me - if it’s not for you that’s a different issue - but I do believe it only shows up when someone is there to staff it

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That’s right @deirdrebeth , we’re experimenting with chat support to find out what works well for you all. Since it’s still something we’re testing, we haven’t committed to specific hours. When we’re available, you’ll see the chat button. If it’s not there, it opens an email instead.