How to Add names to infinity heart

How do you connect the names on glowforge?

Names will have to be added in a graphics program, not the Glowforge interface.


do you know a good graphic program that’s easy to use i tried inkscape it was complicated

Inkscape, Illustrator and Affinity Designer are pretty much the standard. There are many tutorials available online (YouTube) for each. Inkscape is my choice. I’ve used the other two over the years and much prefer it.

There is a learning curve with any graphics design app.


On a Mac or iPad I recommend giving a try.
It’s free and really quite good – and maybe a more gentle learning curve than Inkscape and Illustrator – although I haven’t used it enough to really know.


You could try it has options for boolean union so you would overlap the letter lines with the heart lines and whatever lines overlap are removed and it becomes ‘one’

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