How to attach New white lid camer ribbon cable

I received my new white lid camera ribbon cable and I know it just sticks where the old one was but does any one know how to make sure I am connecting the two silver ends ? I dont want to screw it up , my machine has been down for a week

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Is this the cable you are speaking of? Replace the Black Lid Cable – Glowforge

As best as I can tell, the white cable is symmetrical and it won’t make any difference. If anything, any double-stick tape might give you a clue if there is any difference, as it’s flat across the top to the camera, but bends on the side.

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Did you receive the white ribbon from glowforge support? I see the white ribbon is not one available on the spare parts store and so in my experience, when glowforge support directly sends you a part then they usually also send you instructions for that part. I am not guaranteeing that they did send instructions but I would double check your email to see if they sent something.

If it is the black ribbon cable from the pasts store then the link for instructions on that is in the post from @dklgood.

Hello, @lilley06.jl I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with installation of that cable. Could you do me a favor and send in a photo of the cable you’re referring to? Also, Can you tell me how you acquired the cable?

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