How to Block a Contentious Thread



Tired of the arguing? You can block it easily and it won’t show up in your Latest summary…



I’ve done that a couple of times. What I’d like is a “mute poster” button so someone’s posts I didn’t want to waste time reading/scrolling through just wouldn’t show up at all.


There is a way to do it…I’ll be happy to post that a bit later if anyone needs to see it.


And it works like magic


Does the mute turn all text to lowercase, font 0.5? :wink:


Don’t your mean:



Does that work on a smart phone ?


Well you shouldn’t mistake my personal appreciation of a feature (!!!) for particular glee in directing it at any one individual. Everyone has their own personal reasons for blocking someone.


Glee… perish the thought.
I would have assumed deep soul-searching followed by angst-ridden regret.


Well, the former, not so much the latter. I try not to second guess myself much or I’d go crazy.


I just muted my first thread. In the past I wouldn’t have for fear of missing something but the very first post told me I was safe…