How to Block Posts from an Individual



If you no longer want to engage with an individual in Discourse, there is a way to block specific users:



Thanks. I was thinking it would be like the mute a thread thing - an option off a drop down menu. This way I need to cut & paste the username into the field which is more work but probably less prone to error :slight_smile:

Now I don’t remember who it was that was irritating me to where I didn’t want to even see he was posting anything :smile:


FYI - That field has the helpful auto-completion for usernames, so that might prove helpful if you only remember part of the name.


Happy cake day to you :sunglasses:


But its like a train-wreck. Sometimes you just have to see what they post next! :smiley:


@dan_berry wasn’t this just the feature you were asking for



Is there a Charlie Brown to go with your avatar/username?


This wont hide posts in a thread they make. It just wont notify you of it.


Thank you! Was looking for this!!!

  • Tom


Oh… Then I wasn’t looking for this. Oh well.

  • Tom


It’s not just threads, though; it’s direct messages as well.


Thanks - Discourse can be complex so it’s great to share helpful tips.


No but there’s a Marcie :wink: