How to convert centimeters to inches

I live in the us and have a possible job from overseas to make here. The problems are : it was in crl format which I converted to inkcapesvg. When I printed it it was reduced in size because glowforge is in inches. How do I conver this file to exact size. The size can’t be altered. Thanks in advance


Centimeters * 0.393700787

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cm / 2.54 is easier to remember than multiplying by the reciprocal.

However the GF doesn’t work in inches. It obeys the units in the svg file, which are often metric. Also cm interpreted as inches would be too big, not too small.


I printed the file but it was too small.i am asking for help as to why the file was too small. Is it possible it was changed in c converting from crl to Inkscape svg. How do I resize the file?

Do you know how far off it is? IE how big in cm did you want it and how big in cm did it print? From that it might be easier to guess what went wrong, but also we can compute the compensating scale operation.

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Set the document size in Inkscape to 12"x20" before you import the file into the GFUI.

It’s not a unit conversion error in the artwork because a metric file interpreted as inches will be obviously too big on screen, you would have noticed it before getting to the print stage.

I will try that , thanks

I have no idea what a .crl file is, but generally when you import something into Inkscape that does not have units defined (or even, in some cases, that do) it will prompt you to specify the scale.

Use Google

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You have a print of how it comes out and you know how big you want it to be? Everything else does not matter it is just arithmetic. See my similar problem here.