How to create a layered horse cutout so it looks like it is running?

Hi everyone,
I am making awards for our high school cross country team. Our mascot is a Mustang (the horse, not the car…but that would be cool too). I am trying to make a layered piece (all in the shape of a mustang) that makes it look like the mustang is running. For simplicity (and to make it look better), I’d like to make it so that one edge lines up (preferably the tail) so that I can easily line them up and glue them together. They will all be solid but the top layer will be engraved (like Varsity Girls, 1st Place). I am using inkscape. Can anyone help me figure out how to do it? I’ve never posted here before so I hope this makes sense and the picture works. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions.

Mustangs Running


Inkscape has several modification paths to create the first and last case, and there is one that you hand it the start and the end (lower) and it gives you all the “inbetweens”(upper).
I can’t go there at the moment but knowing they exist helps.


I feel like having the “motion waves” in front but not behind will make it look like it’s running backward! So personally I’d line up the front edges (and if you have the time, sand it rounded), and have the legs and tail echo. So the background pieces will be longer backward, but match perfectly on the front edge.

which gets you:

For lining up pieces perfectly, if you cut a tiny hole that will fit a metal bar, or even a toothpick, you can run that through the layers so they have to line up - if you make it an engrave instead of a whole on the top piece, then it’ll click in, but not be visible in the front.


You can make the base with cuts to fit each layer in - that line them all up the way you want. Then you don’t have to glue them all together and can just glue them to the base.


Glued to the base will cause the top to spread.

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Thank you. That looks better and makes more sense!


Great idea

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True, I could do some glue on the top so they don’t spread


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