How to create a multipart design

The other day I noticed that several of the Premium files were multipart. For the life of me I cannot see where I can do the same thing with my own files. If someone can point me towards the instructions on how to create/save a design with several parts I would be most grateful.

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Welcome to the forum, we love to see new faces here.

Unfortunately, you can’t do it quite like they do, they have proprietary files to do this and haven’t opened it up to us.

The way I handle it is that I design a full page of cuts/engraves/whatever, then move it aside in the SVG. Then I arrange another page of designs, and set that aside too. It really helps if you setup a page size in your SVG editor that corresponds to the cuttable area of the glowforge. Mine looks like this in inkscape:

My default template is set to imperial units and page size of 19.5" x 10.5".

Then you can upload and move things around in the UI to do multi-step jobs.

The other way I handle it, depending on complexity etc, is to use a naming convention like “Large project step 1”, “Large project step 2” etc.

It’s not as smooth as the way GF does it, and you can’t add instructions or settings, but it gets the job done.


Thank you. Hopefully at some point we will be given those abilities, but in the meantime, I have opted to continue using naming conventions similar to the ones you described.

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