How to create a slide top

Trying to create a box with a sliding top. How do I create the slot for the top to slide in. Using PG .125. I tried manual setting on 50% power, but not sure if this is the right way to go. Trying to make the slot about 1/2 way through.

Suggestions? Settings to start with.


Engraving slots can be done but you’ll want to clean out the engrave - it tends to collect char and resin. (I have a little 3 mm chisel that works great for scraping.) Make the channel wider than the wood it’s receiving by at least 0.1 mm.

It’s really better though if you can to build a double walled box. It’s actually easier to work with, and you can cover up any unattractive finger joints.


It takes a bit of trial and error. I used a test piece to cut until I got the correct depth.

@Jules Instead of a chisel I used the scrap wood and ran it through the groove to clear the built up char.


I engraved a channel at 600/80 w/2 passes when using this plywood. I then cut a wood strip that I glued just above the channel for added strength. I cleaned the char by putting a little piece of sandpaper around scrap wood and running it through the channel. I ran a bar of soap through it for lubrication.



That extra lip is a good idea!

@dieterkutz, I just used a scrap of the intended material, and snuck up on the settings by running tests until I zeroed in on it.


This is what I did, too.


Me three. Though I feel that my design needs improvement.

When/if I make one of these again, I’ll probably opt for @Jules’ double wall idea (I loathe the look of finger joints!) or @kittski’s lip trick.

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Me; ditto. Have to admit though, I’m going to try Dan’s idea of serrated tabs aka no gluing. Just want to see how well it works. I DO love the concept of friction fitting on stuff.

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The wiggles work great! I tried them on another one of those Plastic Wrap Dispenser boxes…those rolls must weigh upwards of ten to twelve pounds each…they held up like a champ. :grinning: