How to cut a large Design into pieces

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I got my Glowforge a few months ago (also a year) and now I’m looking into making larger project. Still pretty new to using the Glowforge and Inkscape. I’m trying to figure out the best way to take a large design (bigger than the Glowforge can cut in one piece ) and separate it into multiple pieces so that I can cut them and assemble them. Is there a website/program that can help me with that or a way with Inkscape ?

Thank you

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It certainly is possible in inkscape. I have done this by creating rectangles that will fit inside the GF and overlaying them on the artwork. My graphic was converted to svg. I then cut them away (mine had 4 pieces) to leave only one which I saved to a file then did the same for each additional piece until I had them all saved. Then it’s a simple matter of cutting each piece out one at a time.


I’m not sure if you need the actual instructions/steps on how to break a file up in inkscape, or more of an idea how to design an oversized project, but in case it’s the later, here’s a great project for a look at how it can be done.

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how do you cut them away in Inkscape? I’ve had issues with using the masking function when putting it back into the GFUI

Well if everything is an svg I simply overlay the rectangles and then choose all except one and hit cut. I then save the remaining one before pasting the others back in and repeating the process until I have saved one of each of the pieces. I should mention the rectangles must be solid fill.

so you have done your designing in the rectangles to begin with?
not just adding them after to break down an existing design?

just figured it out! thanks for sparking the brainwave!

No I bring the entire design in adjusted to the size you need. Then overlay rectangles that you know you will be able to cut out in the GF. I choose a different colour for each rectangle so I can keep track of them and snip away.

Excellent, I see you got it.

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I posted a tutorial on how to do this over in Tips and Tricks a couple of years ago. It’s not the only one. Before we had the “official” passthru function, this was how we had to break up designs to print on larger materials, but it works fine whether or not you have a Pro…

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I followed your guide and was finally able to figure it out ! Thank you very much. Cut my design in 4 pieces and should be good to go !

Thanks to everyone who replied !


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