Calavera wall art (testing sizes)

this was a project i made to test a few things - cuts, scores and how to create a piece larger than my glowforge. i started by tracing a design from the internet and then i spent a long time trying to figure out where to break up the design into pieces that would fit in the gf bed. once i got it cut out i weeded parts and then spray painted the whole thing (i really loved how it looked before the second weeding - shiny vs matte black), weeded it again, and colored in some parts with a gold paint pen. :slight_smile:


Looks amazing!! I love it!


It is gorgeous!


That looks wonderful!


That’s just outstanding.

Can we ask for more pictures of your process? I’d be interested to see how you broke it up. What martial were you using?

Just a great result.


I only saw the first photo and I thought meh. Then I scrolled down and WOW. Amazing job.


Yes gorgeous! I’d love to see the back - how did you eventually hook the individual pieces together?


That space craft thingy would make a first class escutcheon

Wow - that looks fantastic! I too would be interested in hearing more about your process/seeing how the pieces fit together.


A very striking piece! You did a spectacular job of breaking the design up.

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I still haven’t done this. Maybe this long weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow! Fantastic!! I love everything about this project.


alright - by popular demand here’s a bit of an explanation :slight_smile: i don’t really have any pictures of the process other than what i already posted (why is it SO hard to remember to take those pics!), but i can share the images from how i built it in illustrator. this first one is of the design as a whole - color coordinated by sections that i could cut (the colored rectangles in the back represent the size of the cutting surface).

this next one is those same sections separated onto different artboards showing what will be cut from each sheet of draftboard.

i also just snapped these two pics of the back that show the break ups and how they’re attached (superglue).

i used draftboard for this whole piece, with black spray paint and a gold paint pen. you can see in this closeup of the necklace that some of the spray paint got under the masking in some places (or maybe just bled into the material). but for the most part it came out pretty cleanly.