How to Cut on Foam Board

So, i’m trying to do a project with Foam Board… what is the safest way to cut on Foam board?

Just use appropriate settings. They’ve been shared here many times in the past, if you use the search you will find them.

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I tried looking and did not find… hence I asked again


Oh Thank you so much!

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No proofgrade settings are only posted in the beyond the manual section. A tip for finding no proofgrade settings on the community form is to filter your search to results only in the “Beyond the manual” section.


Thank you so much!!!

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I use Dollar Tree Readi-Board by ADAMS for ALL my packaging.
Speed 300 Power 65
(Glowforge basic)
The key is to NEVER walk away. It can catch on fire, though the only time this has happened to me is when I accidentally clicked on the wrong custom preset.
To be extra safe, just have a wet cloth next to you if needed.

You can fine my tutorial on youtube called (lithosandlasers)
How to make custom packaging using $1 Readi-Board and a Glowforge


Even though this is partially a ‘how to’ question to the community, it also includes settings which aren’t allowed in this section. I moved the post to Beyond the Manual.


Yeah another thing about foam in general is that it tends to melt-shrink away from the cut. You can actually see it happening when cutting something like craft foam (aka EVA foam), the gap (aka kerf) gets a bit wider for a second or two after the laser passes by. The end result with foamcore is that generally the laser cut edges are scalloped or “hollow”, as the foam kind of sucks itself away from the cut.

It’s not a dealbreaker but it’s something to think about.


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