How to delete previously scanned items in trace?

Got to trace screen and indicated to use a previously used one shown on the page. Then realized it was not the correct one I wanted. I tapped the refresh image icon to change the image. It was not removed but was like a faded image. I never found how to remove the previously used image. I wanted to use another scan of the same/similar image. The newly scanned image showed up on top of the prior image. The undo arrow function did not remove the original used image. When I told it to print it produced a double printing of the image, showing both the original and the newly scanned one…but it was about 1/8th of an inch out of alignment.

How do I clear/delete/remove UNWANTED images previously scanned/ traced/ used so I can get a fresh start? I mean…I want to learn how to permanently delete a previously used image to delete it from the traced images

I am using ONLY The TRACE function due to not having any experience with graphic software.

From Paducah…I thank you for sharing your wisdom. Later gator-

Select it on the screen then hit the Delete key on your keyboard. (Make sure you never want to use it again because it will be gone for good.)

If you’re not sure you’ll still want it, drag it so that it contacts the gray No-Cut zone at the edge and it will not be processed, but you will still have access to it.

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@Jules Thank you for the info! I shall attempt that this morning. :+1::sunglasses:

Thank you @Jules, that’s right. @pb2u2, I’m so sorry you hit a snag - did Jules’ advice help you in removing the unwanted designs from your workspace?

@Jules@rachaelw Just using the key did nothing…However, I saw little up arrow on the image fingernail and after several tries it offered options such as remove or delete. So thanks goes out to you both. Now on to more info searches…

Oh, I’m sorry…you were trying to delete it on the Dashboard. I misunderstood where you were deleting from. (Yes that’s correct to delete the whole thing from the Dashboard.)

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Thanks. Funny that I have no clue where else it would be other than on the dashboard. LOL

Inside the opened file on the artboard. :smile: