How to download fresh design from Catalog

I purchased an item from the design catalog for unlimited print. I was attempting to use a remnant piece of PG walnut plywood so I deleted some of the cuts from the design so that I could use every last piece of wood from the remnant. When I go back to the catalog to get a fresh copy of the design, I am am brought back to my altered design! How can I refresh the design that I purchased?
How else can this be done (print just one cut) when the cuts are all lumped together (meaning there is no option to ignore one part of the design.)


I found out how to do this almost immediately after posting this. Here is how to do it for those who may want to know.
1)Open your design
2) Click on the related action button on the light blue bar (the button with three dots)
3) When the instruction window pops out, click on Reset Design

It is that easy.



Chuckle! Most people don’t immediately solve their own issues. :smile:


I could relate to everything you just said…except for how you resolved it. I still see the altered image even after hitting the reset button. My simple solution would be to delete it from my designs and re-purchase (without having to actually re-purchase :wink: Already messaged support…fingers crossed.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if there are any other issues, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for checking in!