How to figure out cuts on non-proofgrade

I have Black Walnut Boards 1/4” Thick. other than trial and error how do people figure out cuts? is there a formula or some basic rules?

Hundreds of existing discussions on this. Here’s one:


If its dry, just start with Full power and 125 speed. See if it cuts. If not, go 120. That’s what I use. Something like this can be tricky. Sometimes two passes are better than one bigger burn as far as kerf goes. Make a 1/2" square and a 1/2" circle and use them as tests. I like having lines and curves in my test cuts because it can reveal kerf issues and grain issues a little better. Watch it the whole time.

It’s what you have to do on hardwoods like this.

Oh, yes, basic or pro? Makes a diff.