How to Find Your Firmware Version

EDITED: Unofficial tracking of GF firmware versions, along with build dates and diff’s, can be found here:


@scott.wiederhold right now



Wow. I would have probably put this kind of thing over on the Slack rather on the actual GF forum, but I guess then nobody would have ever seen it to make use of it. :smile:

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Maybe they need to add a HACK category.
Pretty sure they would want to disavow this sort of experiment this early into the show.



That’s a very interesting picture you found. I wonder if there were related pictures or words on the subject of getting the lid off. Not that I would ever consider following them.


The FNLs are apparently OK with it in “Beyond the Manual.”

(Should I really put that period inside the quote?)

The mid-90’s writing guidelines said yes, so I still do.


Just looks wrong to me. I’m not quoting that period.


Outside the quotes looks odd to me but I agree with the sentiment that it isn’t part of the quote. I believe the Chicago Manual of Style says to put it inside the quotes unless it confuses the quote.

The quote isn’t a sentence on its own so I don’t think the full stop should be within it. If you quote a full sentence then I think it should.

Depends on where you live.

Couldn’t get to the Chicago manual ad it is behind a pay wall.

Does it depend on meaning/usage here?

If it’s used as a reference to a source (this category of the forum), shouldn’t it be italicized like @lairdknox did with the reference to the Chicago Manual of Style?

If it’s used as a mocking description of the content here, the quotes seem right.

Also, period outside quotes. Always. :wink:


Put it where you want. Not like it will confuse the common understanding. Only time I worry whether a period is in the correct place is between numbers. (example: 3.14159)

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Another location dependent reference. 3,14159 is also valid. :thinking:

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Periods outside the quotes? Monsters. Or maybe programmers, I see them do that all the time in docs.

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Sorry for initiating such a diversion. :hushed:

Do you suppose they will change the password in the future because of this thread?

We’re not worthy.

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Google. :slight_smile:


Google is the password?

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The password is empty. You just hit enter.

I was referring to Google being the source of my knowledge.