How to fix a stripped hex screw on front carriage

I was getting a scanning error and noticed print head loose so i loosened belt and fixed it but, when i went to replace the belt I had loosened it too much. After trying for a while to fix the problem i noticed I had stripped the screw and was unable to fix the tension.

Help please Thanks

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Thanks but, its located in a very awkward place, under the laser arm.

ok, then add one of THESE!


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Sally, would you post some pictures where it is?
I may be able to offer you advice in removing it so its easier to access.


Does this help. It’s under the laser arm.

Can you download the picture and mark the screw?

If this is what your pointing to, isnt this the removable part of the air assist fan?
so you can pull the unit out and clean the fan?


In her original post she states that it is the pulley wheel for the carriage plate that she loosened to remove the belt so that she could clean the air assist fan. That is also the bolt she shows in her photo.

i’m trying to figure out where it is!! - i think the ‘L’ adapter and the screw remover is her best bet- even if she just uses a pliers, and not a drill.

I don’t know how to fix the problem, but she is trying to tighten, not remove.

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remove, replace the stripped screw, tighten.

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Sally can take the screw to home depot, and see what size it is, even if they don’t sell the right screw she then can get one on amazon knowing its a metric.

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No sorry it’s to the belt under the laser arm. That moves the print head. But thanks I think we hot what we need.


you need to extract out the old screw before using a die on it (die fixes a bad thread)
i dont think the thread is bad, I think the screw head is FUBAR’ed


so its THIS:

LOCK DOWN the laser arm (with orange screws) before attempting anything!!!

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Yes. But unfortunately I do not have the orange screws.