How to get notification for out of stock materials? NEVER MIND....thank you anyway!

I know that the feature to be notified was added some time ago…and I’ve seen it. It doesn’t seem to be available now, though…at least for the 12x20 med. black acrylic. Being able to get notified when it’s back in stock would really help me in realizing a time frame with a project coming up soon.

Thank you…

Edit* Sorry to take up your time…I found what I was looking for. I wasn’t able to delete this post in time.


It’s there for me?

Not for me. I opened and reopened Chrome, too…what the? Did that request box just automatically pop up or did you have to click on something?

Nope, it’s right there after I click on 12x20 and “medium” boxes.

If you want to DM me your email, I can put it in for you! :smiley:

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Geees…nevvvverr mind. I got it. I’m going to delete this thread now. Feeling silly. Thanks, though.


It wouldn’t let me delete… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You can just mark a post as “solution” and then support can close it.


Hi @Xabbess,

I’m glad you got this figured out. I’ll go ahead and close this thread. Please write us at if you have any further questions.

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