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Can anyone help me figure out a way to contact support to get my referral credit? I have been trying to place an order for months and can’t seem to get assistance. The biggest issue is that my email address that I log in with hasn’t been valid for over 2 years. I have explained this in my messages to customer support and I think all of my replies must be automated because they always reply that they sent the email to (old email address). The lack or human support is very frustrating! The same thing happened when my machine was completely down. It would be 5-6 days between responses from them. I just want to place my order and of course most of the stuff is now not on sale any more or out of stock.

There is a chat option and even a phone line now.

A quick google for “glowforge support” shows this page:

Which covers everything you need. Good luck, that sounds like a drag.


Thank you. I’ve tried both with no luck, Just called again to see if I can get a response. The chat function didn’t get me to a live person, it just sends an email.

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Chat was always a little hit or miss, it is open at odd intervals. I’ve never actually tried it, it’s never been available when I needed something.

Phone sounds like the best option given how unusual your issue is.


I believe they discontinued chat when they started phone support.


If you can get to your old email address, I would try to see what has happened there, and If possible send an email from there asking them to update to the new email address.

If you click on your Icon in the upper right corner, the upper right corner of the pulldown is a person icon. Click on that and you click Preferences, you can change the email yourself there.

And you can also go here…
and change it there.


I can’t access the email - it was shut down when we canceled our Direct TV - it was connected/bundled with that. I have tried to change the email address and they are telling me that unless I can give them the debit card # that I used when I purchased my Glowforge, they cannot change it. My bank has changed names 3 times in the past 4 years and new debit cards each time so I have absolutely no idea what that card number would have been.


I can actually relate to that, unfortunately, Did you try the two links? that would be the fastest and easiest.

An Email with a long explanation would be best atm and try the phone, where you leave a message. You might have to jump through a few hoops to prove who you are

No chat anymore. It was discontinued when phone support began.

I’ve sent several emails for weeks -they respond with the same info even though I have spelled everything out for them. They reply to my valid email address and then say they have sent the credit to my old email address. My new laser was delivered and I just want to spend this credit that has been sitting forever and be done with it.

The only way to contact support is via email or phone.

If thats not helping resolve this issue you might have to chalk it up to “lessons learned” and move on.

You can’t hold the company accountable when you didn’t update your contact info before the old account was cancelled.


I didn’t know that it would be canceled or I would have. Neither my husband or myself had no idea. But still…I have tried to change my email address since that day with no luck. Nowhere did I read that in order to do anything with my account, I must have my debit card number from 2 years ago memorized.

Oh my. Kafka is alive and well and is as relevant as ever. I do hope you get some resolution soon.


Kafka was an optimist.

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To Glowforge Inc, you probably look like a scammer trying to social engineer your way into taking over a customer’s account. They’re asking you for the debit card number associated with the order to prove your identity. Most other info on the order/account is public already, someone trying to steal your account would already know your shipping address for example.


But a photo of an ID like a driver’s license should suffice (yes I know those can be faked as well - perhaps 2 items to further reduce the chance of incorrectly identifying someone).

There are other ways of verifying the OP’s identity vs a very changeable cc number. With the amount of fraud that occurs it’s not uncommon for someone to have 3 or even 4 debit or credit card numbers in the course of 2 years. If GF can’t support other methods of identification then they should have a prominent warning to all users when they register that they need to save the card or the number in a safe place in the event they want to change their information in the future.


There are many ways to verify identity. You bank is probably happy with a txt to your registered mobile device. Back in the day, you might get a postcard with a verification code sent to your address on-file.

Doesn’t help here, though, as GF doesn’t use any of those methods.

You might want to dig through your old receipts and see what numbers you have used and send them a list of the last eight numbers and ask for the last four that matches the one they are looking for. That way you are not revealing your whole numbers but are for more than is commonly available

I’ve been waiting for a referral credit too with no response. It was to be deposited on Jan 5th and nobody will even answer my emails.

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I finally received a reply after a few more calls and emails and she also changed my email address with no questions asked after trying for all of this time. Hoping you got your deposit finally or at least an answer?