How to Hold Down Light Weight Materials? - like copy paper

Hello all,

After finding the right power and speed, to cut 20lb copy paper, I tried to do something very detailed. GF did an awesome job on that. Such a tight beam.

I did have an issue with the paper cut out parts blowing around and interfering randomly with the laser cutting head. As you can image it blurred it out in some places or caused it to miss some places.

Anybody have a work-around to hold the paper down?

Will try magnets in key places.

I also see a guy built his own vacuum crumb tray. Not sure how well that worked. Might need more suction.

I will also try 60lb and 100lb test to see if they stay put.

Any ideas are welcome.


P.S. Glowforge could make a very nice tool for this, as an add-on pro product.

Search the forum for Seklema mat—you’ll find everything you need. And as far as the vacuum table goes, last I heard it was still working great for him.


I use the Seklema mat @cynd11 mentioned. It works wonderfully although a bit pricey.

I just use the lightweight spray Kanati posted on a piece of cardboard or other scrap material.

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I built the vacuum tray and it works great.

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