How to laser my iPhone X glass back

I need help with settings and material

I mean the material is “iphone x” I think :slight_smile:

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Naw, they only have iPhone 7, or Pixels, but somebody on here has done an X…

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There it is - I searched for iPhone X and found:

In the comments one person used the 7 settings and the other used the clear acrylic settings…so some experimentation may be in order!


thank you very much for your help. Very helpful info

Note that this will greatly reduce the structural integrity of the glass, in my experience. I engraved some trackpads for the heck of it, and the glass was highly prone to cracking after.

The glass on the back of an iPhone is likely considerably thicker, so that should be reduced, but I would still think twice about doing this.

Note that the zooms and pews mentioned below might work fine. Or you might want to back off a lot.


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