How to make a drill bit holder

Hey everyone i’m in the process of designing a drill bit holder. The plan is to make it stepped. My question is how do you best align the numbers? I want it to look pretty professional and precise, even if it is just going in my shop. I attached a pic of a drill bit holder that comes in plastic, I kind of want to replicate this on wood (but I have about 200 bits. Same for forstner and router bits. Any help or advice would be great


What software are you using?

Inkscape, should I use something else? Pretty new here

Inkscape is my choice too, this is something really attainable.

Look at the alignment and arrange tools, they’re the key.

It’s a broad topic but googling around will find some great tutorials for you. I particularly like the tavmjong bah tutorials.


I am torn on this. On the one hand I always say that the best software is what you know, but on the other hand, Fusion 360 is perfect for what you describe.

I’ve yet to make a drill index but you might get some inspiration looking at some of what I have done in my pegboard series.


I always seem to lose my 1/4 inch bit and end up buying another cheap set and still have set from my dad. So my set is a bit of a mess. I would make something like this… you could still engrave the sections and labels.


Wicked kewl design, simple but direct.

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I would make a box in a box maker, I like
Then choose the top plate of the box and start drawing circles.
You could make it more complicated, but when you have so many ideas to get out of your head, fast is nice.


I had a similar problem with carving tools…

Interesting take on it. I have so many bits though and I kind of like the idea of a stepped approach, with certain sectors for different bits. It’s probably going to take a while, as I plan to just engrave the sizes and then laser a small dot above the measurement and then drill the hole using the bit. For those with shanks that don’t correspond to the diameter of the bit, I’ll put those on another area or something.

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It really depends on your workspace and where you plan to keep them. If on a wall behind a drill press, for example, then a flat index like shown above would be best. If on shelves, then other solutions can be sought. I saw a really nice square index on one of my makers channels, and would suit my collection nicely.

I’m lucky enough to have a 20x25 foot shop for all of my woodworking, including about 15 feet of countertop space against a wall, so I think I was going to do something to fit there under the cabinets

This is similar to what I saw…


that is pretty cool

Not customizable at the moment, but gives you an idea of how it’s laid out.


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