How to make each color different setting (cut/engrave) or set engrave first?

I thought I was able to do this before but maybe not? Why, when I set different colors for layers and save as SVG, they both import as CUT layers? How do I make 1 as engrave, and 1 as cut?
I tried so many colors…

On the left side of the Glowforge interface you will have a column of the layers of your design.
If you hover over them, you get a double arrow and can move them up or down to change the order.
If you click on your layer, a window pops up and you can choose Engrave / Cut / Score / Ignore

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The Glowforge will consider a path as a cut and a fill as a engrave. The colors difference comes into play when you have several cuts and would like them to be cut in a certain order


Make sure the vector is either filled for engraving with no stroke defined or stroke defined no fill for cutting or scoring.

Here is a great document that has all the basics.

Engraves always process first by default.


Now this confuses me. I design all my projects in Inkscape and I always use fill and no outline for everything. I have zero problems engraving, cutting or scoring doing it that way.

The default is for unfilled enclosed paths with stroke set to a value to be cut, and anything with a stroke of “none” and a fill value to be engraved.

From SVG:
Object which default to cut - style="fill:none;stroke:#000000;

Object which default to engrave - style="fill:#000000;stroke:none;

You can change a default engrave for a filled shape to a cut or score in the GFUI. But if you do Proofgrade settings it will auto populate cut or score.

Ahh. I never use proof grade material so I was not aware of that.

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