How to make the loops in Silhouette or Illustrator?

I’m trying to add the loops for a chain on to an acrylic charm and can’t figure out how to do it. Anyone have a pattern or an idea of how to add this to a word charm? Thanks so much in advance!

Do you have premium? If you do, you can add a circle above the word, then select both the word and the circle and select outline. It will outline both the circle and word-circle being the loop for a chain. If you don’t, you’ll need to use Inkscape or something similar.


What @rvogt said works great. I’ve done it with wood and acrylic successfully.

Yes, I have premium. I’m going to try that. Thanks so much!

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The circles need to be the bottom layer.

I can’t quite understand what you mean by the bottom layer for the circles. Here is a very old tutorial about making a keychain which is really just a name charm with a circle. It is made in outside software, but the idea is the same. Create the charm. Create a circle. Put an outline around the entire project. Hope this helps.

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I am not familiar with Silhouette. Here is what I do in Inkscape. Create the loops (a circle inside a circle). Make sure the outline of your charm is a path. Place the loop so that it overlaps the charm. In node edit mode, select the loop and the charm and select union. You should now have a path that combines the loop with your charm.

One of the Glowforge support tutorials has a step-by-step showing how to do it with Premium:

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This is perfect. Thanks so much!

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