How to Purchase Spare Parts in the UK


I urgently need a new Printer Head Mirror (mine has gone up in smoke - literally :grimacing:)

Does anyone know where I can purchase a new one in the UK? I’m being directed to the Glowforge shop but they don’t ship directly to the uk - i’m then being redirected to Hobbycraft but they only appear to sell the actual machines and not the parts.

Any help would be most appreciated! Very stressed out business owner here with a bundle of Easter orders to get through!

Thanks & Kind Regards

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A good reason to have two running in case one has a problem. And be careful to not put the mirror in backward as that is the fastest way I know of to burn up the back like that.
You might look for someone with a secondhand one would be the fastest way.


I spotted one on eBay earlier, $85. They say “ships from united states” so I assume that means they can also ship internationally.


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