How to remove char from cut felt

I have been experimenting with cutting felt. I am using both 3mm and 5mm 100% wool felt. In order to get the laser to cut through I’m getting a dark burn mark. The char will flake off but still leaves a noticeable discoloration. What can I use to clean it off?

I have also been experimenting with engraving felt. Since the char will flake off, it needs to be sealed. I found that both clear acrylic spray and gum tragacanth will work ok. Anyone have other suggestions?



There are lots of posts regarding felt here in thr forum. One suggestion I remember reading for char removal was an extra fine sanding block.

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A number of folks have been able to get just slight browning - for example

Overall the answer is “as fast as you can go and still cut through”. So I’d suggest starting at full speed and maybe 30 power and bump the power by 5 until it cuts through as cleanly as you like. The other option for cleaner edges would be running multiple passes rather than trying to power through in one cut.

Testing testing testing! :smiley:


Thanks for your reply. I have been reading some of the posts regarding felt. In the top picture with the square I did use a sponge sanding block to remove the burn. It helped, but not quite all the way. Maybe I’m being too picky! I am going to keep experimenting with my settings to see if i can reduce the char but still have it cut through.

Thanks for all your info. Appreciate it! The felt I’m using is 100% wool not a blend and it is over twice as thick. The coasters, my bottom picture was 3mm thick. I got the settings (183/full) for them pretty good so will try the same settings but do 2 passes to cut.

Experiment, experiment, experiment, test, test test!! Part of the fun! :smile_cat:


Shaking pieces of chipboard in kosher salt removes the char; I don’t know how well it would work with felt. The abrasive action of the salt would remove any engravings as well so it would have to be cut, shake in salt, engrave.

Hmm…Interesting! I will definitely give it a try. Unfortunately that is one salt I don’t have on hand. I will report back once I try it. Thanks!

It doesn’t have to be kosher :slight_smile: I do find fine salt to work better than chunky.

I use regular iodized salt from a big box. Only for wood and chipboard, however - never cut felt.

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I have a bus pan of POOL salt for my char removal on draft board.

Sorry, I said kosher on the theory you were most likely to have a large box of it. I find it goes from larger grains to smaller grains pretty fast. The idea is salt that is cheap, so if you have a water softener there you go.

Probably would also work to tape over the engraving, if the tape holds on to the felt.

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