How to reopen a closed tech ticket?

My ticket 451853 appears to be closed after they shipped me my new printer head. The new printer head does not work and now it looks like I am back at the beginning process to wait to find help again.

Just reply to the last email you received from them.


They don’t participate on here anymore so you have to email support to get help.

I did and I got the generic email reply as if my problem is a new one. I have been going back and forth with them for nearly 10 days via email till they shipped the new head and now the response is the generic thank you for contacting us…

Sad. They don’t take calls anymore or respond through chat either. I have been down nearly all month and I am a full time artist and just paid them $600 for this non working printer head. Sorry just a bit stressed.

I can’t blame you for being stressed. Their customer support system is seriously faulty.


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