How to save SVG file with exact size I want from illustrator

Hi, I made a file in Illustrator. I wanted to make 5x5 inch square then I made artboard size 5x5inch with 300 ppi then exported. It is smaller than 5x5inch. Could you tell me how to get exact size out of illustrator?

I don’t use Illustrator, but a quick search of the forum resulted in two easy suggestions: Design your file on a 20x12 artboard and make sure to uncheck the Responsive setting for exporting SVG files. Here is a thread that may be helpful: GFUI is resizing/rescaling my SVG file. Why?


I don’t use AI, but I can tell you the GF interface assumes designs were created at 96 ppi when it sizes them. (Size information isn’t preserved in SVGs.)

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Thank you and what program do you use?

Yey, it worked, seem like needed to uncheck responsive when I save the file. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much


I use Affinity Designer.

A few different things you can do:

  • make your artboard 12x20 instead
  • copy/paste directly from AI to the GF dashboard (screen with all the designs, not screen with bed image)
  • use PDF format instead of SVG
  • uncheck “responsive” in the SVG export settings.

Any one of those should result in perfectly accurately sized artwork.


That’s exactly what I do when I save my files in Illustrator. I’ve never had luck with SVG files.

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