How to set cut path to do internal cuts before external cuts


I’m still getting the hang of my unit and have been doing marquetry and intricate cuts on thin veneer. I’m wondering if there is a means or setting on the glowforge to do all internal cuts before processing the outter cuts? Sometimes it will other times it does the outline cut and the piece shifts totally messing up the internal cuts. Any recommendations?

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Use different colors for the vector sections. That will separate out the options and then you can move them to the order you prefer.


Different colors will indeed allow you to make different settings for each part of a project, but color alone will not make a difference in the order of processes. You can drag these squares on the left side into whichever order you prefer…which is the only way to get what you want ie. engrave, score, cut inner pieces then cut outer pieces, etc.


Do you know how to reorder the steps on the left of the screen? It’s super easy - you just click and drag.

What I often do is make all of the cut lines one color, score lines another color and engrave a 3rd color. Or, sometimes I know that there might be a part that I want to exclude occasionally, or make it so that someone can change the wording or something, so I will make those parts each their own color, so they can be ignored.


So far I’ve had my projects made for me and I haven’t tried to make them myself. They show up as one task, as all that is required is cutting (no engraving or scoring) I suppose I will have to try and have each piece somehow separated into different tasks instead of a single tab.

I’ve had 5 colors in a design just to control the settings of the operation, controlling the sequence just by dragging the thumbnail is an overlooked benefit I think.


If you insta.ll a custom palette in your design app, you can pre-set the order of operations.

It’s not necessary because all you need to know is that the GF UI orders the steps by the numerical RGB value of the stroke color. So for example, black ( 0,0,0 or 0x000000) will always print first, pure blue (0,0,255 or 0x0000FF) could be next, bright green (0255,0 #00ff00) and so on.


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