How to setup your new Glowforge? Must see for new members/owners/purchasers

I have officially purchased my second machine!!! Part of doing so was for this specific reason, to make a detailed video of the setup process of the Glowforge to help new members. Here is the link to the video:
I truly hope it helps a lot of people as this is my intent and it took over an hour to upload it as its 4gb in file size. Please watch this and let me know your input on it. I have made other getting started tip videos as well but this one I gotta say, I think this is going to help a lot of people in the future.


I’ve put a separate link to that into the Matrix. (The rest of your videos are included automatically under your channel link, so they are linked automatically, but this one doesn’t deal with design.)

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Thank you for spending so much money to be helpful!!


I truely hope it helps others out, I put everything I make out of the hobby back into it, I hope to maybe get the filter later on once they come out for another video but might take awhile to get to that point both for me and development of the filter, like I said in the past I’m doing the learning curve myself anyways so I might as well help others and document it along the way.

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