How to spend (only) Catalog credits

I had received a $50 credit towards the design Catalog (thank you) and so armed with those credits I went shopping in the Catalog and purchased several designs.

However, when I check status on my Billing Information page, the line item “Catalog credit” is still at the original $50. Rather, the line item “Unspecified Credit” seems to be absorbing all the Catalog purchases - Yikes! What am I doing wrong here - what is the procedure to apply my Catalog credits while keeping my other credits intact?

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Yep, I discovered that as well. Unspecified credit wins over catalog credit. I don’t believe there is a way to select at purchase.

Buy your PG first. Then when all you’ve got left is catalog credit, buy catalog designs.

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That is what I did. :wink: But I discovered the bias toward “unspecified” when they credited my account for the vent hose missing from my GF order about the same time I ordered from the catalog. When I went to look about the credit, after receiving their email, it was already gone. Whatever, I’d already bought one at home depot anyways. :slight_smile:

I purchased the designs first, so I could figure out how much PG material to purchase - a cruel irony that it would diminish my credit for purchasing the material.

I’ll try submitting this to customer service. It would be the right thing to apply Catalog credits to Catalog purchases. GF’s incremental cost to apply credits to a PG purchase is significantly higher than a Catalog purchase, and I gotta believe they’re not that cynical.

I’ll post an update when this is resolved.


I see you emailed us about this and since it deals with your account, we’ll work on it there.

Thanks to Rachaelw, crisis averted, appropriate magic applied to move Catalog purchases to the proper credit bin. Only took one business day - Rachael, I hope @dan is watching - kudos.

Until GF announces a method to apply specific credits to a Catalog purchase, I think you have three options:

  1. Use up non-Catalog credits (mine are called “unspecified”) before making any purchases in the Catalog.
    – or –
  2. Document purchases from Catalog , contact customer service and ask them to apply Catalog purchases to your Catalog credits.
    – or –
  3. Don’t sweat where the credits go, just enjoy them.

Suggestion to GF:
Throw all the credits you’ve been handing out into one bin. You can make it clear that $50 of the credit is intended to encourage traffic in your design catalog, but don’t force it. Sit back and watch how we spend the credits - if we’re not using enough of it on the Catalog, consider that marketing feedback you can use to fine tune the value the Catalog offers.


It might not be a regular occurrence - I spent my Catalog bucks first.

(They do occasionally get a glitch in the ordering system though, so just watch what’s going on.)

I’m glad we could help, and thank you for the feedback! I’m going to close this thread. If you have any trouble in the future, please open a new thread or reach out to

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