How To Use Laser Focus As A Tool

We all want to get the most out of our lasers. Well did you know that when you are doing a scoreline that you can change the focus of that score line to get a thicker score line? I wanted to make a short video to show you this in action. It’s great when you really want things done quickly and don’t have the time for engraving but would like the variability in the size of score lines.


that’s one of my favorite tricks, the defocused score line. defocusing is an underappreciated art form in lasering.


looking at your video, you can save yourself a tiny bit of time when doing things like this by using the single line font instead of engraving your labels.


Fantastic video. I never thought to defocus the scores to make thicker lines. Brilliant!

I have reversed the lens to get really wide scores.

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intentionally the first time? :slight_smile:

I tried it after reading a post where someone was having trouble cutting through PG material. It turned out their lens was backwards and I thought if it doesn’t damage the lens, then its possible method for quick wide lines.


Hmm I once took out the tray and engraved on the bottom to get my super wide lines. Now I need to try it with the lens upside down… doing now, because why not.

Update: I won’t put it here, this is super BTM. New post incoming.


I’m very curious about your results – did you ever have the time to pull together a post on the reverse lens technique?

Yeah I did it and posted it. Hang on I’ll find the link.

There we go.