Text2Vector (Free Vector Text Generator)

Here is a simple tool (well it started out simple) that I use to generate Vector Text for Scoring on the Glowforge.

text2vector_1.1.3.zip (13.9 KB)

Edit: This has been hosted at GitHub if you want to use it with the default Kerning Table.

Edit: This source has been uploaded to GitHub for anyone to fork or modify if they want to contribute to the tool.

It is simply an HTML file that uses JavaScript to generate an SVG of the text you type into the textarea. There are several options available to allow you control how it is generated. You can control Size, Line Spacing, Alignment, Tracking (space between characters), Italic (and its Angle).

If you get really adventurous you can even edit the Kerning table used and make it your own!

Create Labels for marking parts:

Customize your artwork:

Save the image for upload later, or copy the SVG into memory and Paste it directly into the Glowforge UI!

Edit: User Interface updated by @bwente! (Thanks!)

Not only does it look better with some Bootstrap Styling, but a “Download SVG” button has been added!


Wow! Amazing.


Thanks for all of your work on this. I know many of us will find this very helpful.


This is great, Bill. I’ve been watching the interactions back and forth about this. Didn’t participate because I’m clueless, but sending my thanks for your hard work and perseverance to get it done. Great idea!


My favorite thing about this is that you can generate text at any size, and it remains very smooth if you scale it up later.


Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.32.02 PM

Thank you!!!


Advanced feature contributed by @drvegetable allows you to modify the kerning settings in memory! If you like your changes and want to save them, press F5 (while focus is in the textbox) and you will be prompted to download the settings. Be sure to replace the default “kerningtable.data” file with your new version.

With this feature you can even create several different setting files and just swap them out as you need. The HTML file will use the file in the same directory with the name “kerningtable.data”. If no file exists, no problem, the application will still work, but no kerning adjustments will be made when the setting is turned on.


Holy moley, this is AMAZING. Tremendously useful.

Thank you!


Thank you!


Thanks @bill.m.davis & @drvegetable! You have both done lots of work on this. I will check it out.


Great contribution. Thanks!


Seriously, @bill.m.davis , I can’t thank you enough for this. It’s saved me so much time already!


Thanks for the kind words.

To be clear, my contributions to this project were minimal. I spent a couple hours here and there helping to incorporate the the excellent feedback he received from beta testers. I never even saw this until it was in the very last stages of development. I had fun and learned a lot from being able to get involved at the 11th hour.

All of the credit goes to @bill.m.davis for conceptualizing this app, designing a very readable vector font, and sharing his elegant code with the community.


thank you but I have to wait for them to send me a new glowforge before I can do anything cuz the one that I got in did not work but if you have any thing else you can send to me to help me learn that would be great I really appreciate it


He also helped make the “Italics” setting possible. He is modest about his contributions, but he did a lot to help and was very involved! I was about to give up on the italics, until he found an easy way to implement it!


A wonderful addition to the GF toolkit. Thanks so much for making it available to everyone!


Hi, and welcome!

If you are new to laser cutting, you can learn a lot by reading about the projects people post in the Made on a Glowforge category. People share pictures and design techniques there, and it will give you a good idea of what you’ll be able to do once you learn how to use your machine.

Next, you could browse the Free Laser Designs category to find some nice starter projects. This is where people share files that anyone can download and use to build some really neat objects. This also will give you an idea of how to design flat parts that can be assembled into real, useful, or even whimsical objects.

If you run out of interesting topics to read in those two areas, you’ll find some good ideas for how to go further with your designs in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section, which is where you found this discussion.

Of course, the other areas of the forum are loaded with great information, but these are three areas you could start with for inspiration.


Thanks so much I will definitely look over and read them thank you


I have been asked, “Why use this? Get Inkscape and use Hershey Text.”

This was not intended to replace other vector text generators (like Inkscape’s Hershey Text). It was only intended to be easier and quicker to use.

Here is a comparison between a Text2Vector (left/top) SVG and one generated by Inkskape (right/bottom):

text2vector-test hershey-text-test

If you want something prettier, or more refined, you will probably prefer Hershey Text. But, here are some differences between these two generated SVGs:

  • Size
    • Hershey Text: 9,596 bytes (9.37 KB)
    • Text2Vector: 1,819 bytes (1.77 KB)
  • SVG objects (complexity)
    • Hershey Text: 29 paths (6 groups)
    • Text2Vector: 4 paths (0 groups)
  • Load Time
    • Hershey Text: For me, Inkscape loads fairly fast (a couple seconds), but then I have to find text setting and remember how to convert it.
    • Text2Vector: Instantly loads in a browser and you are ready to type.

I am not saying that I will never use Hershey Text ever again. But, if I am just labeling something and I am trying to avoid creating something that is “too complex” to print. I will continue using this simple HTML tool.


I have added a new version! Thanks to the updates made by @bwente!

The styling of the tool has been enhanced using the Bootstrap CSS library. And a new button was added to “Download SVG”!

(I should probably remove the instructions to “Right-click to Save As…” now.)

Thanks to all the community for the suggestions and updates! That is what makes this community so great!


Thank you for sharing. Was just dealing with text this week and struggling a little with limitations of other tools. This is a really nice utility.