How to use my GF Shop Credit on the new store?

It looks like Glowforge relaunched their material store today on the Shopify platform.

However, I now don’t know how to use my store credit to buy things. I have enough credit to cover my cart but it’s asking me to pay.

What do I do now?

There’s a link at the top that says something like “credit/gift certificate” - if you click on that they’ll email you a code that you can put in the coupon box.

(I don’t have any which is why I’m not sure exactly what it says!)

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I don’t see it. None of the buttons up top lead to a page with that either. And the “Credits” page of my Glowforge account shows my $300 credit but nothing to click on.

I believe you need to get to the point in checking out that you are ready to apply payment. On that page is a link for gift card. Try clicking on that.

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That gives me a box to put in a gift card code, which I don’t have.

The link I was referring to should be on the very first cart page - it might be missing in which case you’ll need to wait for Support to help out - but double check the very first cart page for a link

That’s the second screenshot above, “Your Cart”. I guess I need support!

Thanks for letting us know about this, I’m sorry for the trouble. We just replied to your email, but you should now see the link on your cart page to transfer your credits.

I’m going to close this thread, but if you have any other questions, or anyone else runs into this, please feel free to write in to or start a new thread.

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