How to Use Photoshop to Reduce a Raster file Size

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Thank you so much, Jules. I have family here now (late birthday celebration) but will look at this very soon.


Watched your demo, Jules. That’s pretty much the same way it would be done in Affinity…and I understood completely. Thank you for your help.

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Can’t get the video to play on my iPad. This has been happening quite a bit on the forums lately. What kind of video file is it?

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It is an MP4 file. (which Discourse allows.). It will not allow flash.

Videos uploaded to the forum need to be transcoded (with web optimization) to allow iPad/iPhone Discourse play back.

@Jules - I could not play it on the iPad either.

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Oh I’m terribly sorry. (I can’t either as it turns out.) You might want to try a different browser, I think I saw someone mention on another thread that Chrome will display the mp4 vids if you can get the app installed.

As far as re-Producing the vids, I’m afraid I don’t have time to do it now. (Gonna have to wait.)

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The Discourse app is what cannot play the video. I am trying to determine what video encoding is preventing the Discourse app from playing your video.

How did you record the video (what device and app are you using)?


There have been several videos on the forum that won’t open/load. I use Safari. I usually just right click, save video, then it opens in Quicktime. I realize that’s of no help with an iPad or iPhone.

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Camtasia was used to record it. I view it on a PC with no problems, but it won’t play on my iPad or iPhone either. (Can’t really play anything on those though - very limited use for the price.)

Maybe it’s a Mac OS thing?

What are the settings (in Camtasia)?

I am looking for bitrate, format and encoder (hard to describe this, need to install Camtasia on my Mac mini).

What I have found with your video:

Here it is from Vimeo:

I thought I saw that video here on the computer for a moment, but it seems to have gone away now.
(And yeas, those are the settings used in Camtasia.)

iPad people: See if you can view this one:

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Nope. This is in Safari

Which one is Safari?

That video you just asked to check out. I have an iPad and am using Safari and it doesn’t play.

Let me see what Firefox does on the phone…the iPad is upstairs charging.

Nope…no go. (tell me why we pay so much for these damn things again?)

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The problem Jules is that Discourse on the iPad/iPhone uses the default (and unchangeable) browser - Safari.

Looking at the Discourse support site for a solution.

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Doesn’t work either on iPAD using Chrome.

Okay…you guys LMK if you find anything.

Safari 8 fails to play any (mp4) video in-browser

I’m using Safari 8.0.4 on OS X 10.10.2. Anywhere and everywhere, Safari refuses to play any (mp4) video on any website. Youtube and Apple’s website are the only places where Safari plays any videos.

Even on my own Google Drive account, my uploaded videos fail to play.

How can I resolve this?

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Top answer:

It could be caused by a corrupt or incompatible video codec or interfering third-party software. Playing MP4 video files should work in any browser.

Here is what you can try…

Installing the latest OS X Yosemite Updates also updates the Quicktime framework which is used by Safari. Safari loads video Codecs from the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins directory. So make sure Safari is updated by going to App Store -> Updates -> Safari (version 10.x is the latest version).

Make sure that the Internet plugin-ins checkbox is enabled. Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Internet plugin-ins -> Allow Plug-ins allow plugins image

Does using a browser with Flash built-in (like Chrome) allow you to play mp4 files? If so, try deleting or updating Flash in System Preferences, which could fix Safari.

If none of this helps, just try switching to a different browser (popular ones include Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, and Opera) or a different WiFi network.