How To: Weed a Puzzle Like A Boss

@jbmanning5 is a professional photographer and puzzle maker; he makes puzzles from his own photos. He’s shared a lot of great info in the forums about how he makes them. If you do a search on his username and “puzzle” you’ll dig yourself a nice rabbit hole to get lost in. :slight_smile:


i can’t comment on the specific paper that @jbmanning5 uses, but i’ve done puzzles with canon photo paper that i printed on a large format inkjet. i use a 77 spray mount (spraying a layer on both the back of the paper as well as the substrate) to mount the image to the substrate (either 1/8 or 1/4" baltic birch for mine, but i know he also works with chipboard) , and winsor & newton spray varnish to finish before cutting. pretty sure @jbmanning5 uses the winsor & newton as well, since i got the recommendation from him.


My main inspiration behind all of this was to fill out Census 2020, wherever I’m at, with Occupation: Traveling Puzzlemaker.


How are you applying the image to the wood? Are you using the inkjet printer on waxy paper transfer method?

They are photo prints, and then permanently adhered with a gluing machine.

Ahh, ok got it. I was thinking they look really saturated for the transfer method. They look great.


If you hold someone underwater for long enough, they stop being an idiot

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Dream big! :grin:


Brilliant! RThanks for sharing!!

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This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing…I would not have thought about that. And really cool puzzle with the special pieces that stand up.

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