Jigsaw puzzle generator

Thank You!

I’ve spent some time looking, and this is the best jigsaw generator I’ve found anywhere. Thank you!


Took me a minute to realize that this was not a blurry picture of differing colored die piles.


It was an acrylic print of a random picture I took on my phone when our family went on vacation to Vietnam last year.


How did you attach the photo to the clear acrylic so well? No bubbles, glue, or anything! Looks super clean!

Edit: “an acrylic print”…wait, was it outsourced? And if so, I’ve gotta look into that…

I got the print from bumblejax.com, specifically I got their “acrylic proof” product:

Obligatory warning: Speaking only for myself. Glowforge can’t speak for this supplier.

Relevant anecdote: I bought the print and asked about the plastics used to see if it was laser compatible. They told me that the backing was plastic X, which was not laser compatible. I was suspicious because it didn’t look like plastic X, and asked them to verify. Turns out they’d just switched to plastic Y which was laser compatible, couldn’t be sure if the switch was permanent, etc. Moral of the story: check and double check laser compatibility with your suppliers!


“100% made in-house in Seattle” well that’s cool :slight_smile: I’m bettin’ the shipping was fast!

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Interesting process.

They mention sintra backing, which you definitely don’t want to cut (PVC-based).

Dry-tac Facemount is an optically clear adhesive.

Now to find a non-PVC backer…


Ironically I found them online first and discovered they were five blocks away during checkout. :slight_smile:


Dan, I have to ask and realize you may be reluctant to answer but…
What thickness acrylic did you go with? 1/8"? I just ordered an 1/8" acrylic print to make a going away present for a coworker. I don’t suppose you’d care to share the settings you used as a starting point for me…

That puzzle was 1/8th inch acrylic, and I’m afraid I don’t remember the settings.

Thanks anyway, I’m sure I can dial it in without to much struggle.

This jigsaw puzzle generator saved the day. I started to print an existing puzzle when it started to cut 2 and 3 times over each piece/adjacent lines. So I came here and used the generator to make my own set of puzzle pieces. Worked like a charm! Thanks for creating it and offering it to us for free.

i think this is still one of the most unsung utilities created around here.


I like this generator but it feels like all the pieces of the same “shape” are identical. Am I right? if so, could there be a more “random” setting, I want to do a clear acrylic puzzle for a friend and if there are repeats, it will dull the fun :evil:

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That is what the “Jitter” setting is for.

There are dozens of free jigsaw puzzle generators online, many with some very interesting options.

If all the pieces are the same it makes it a WAY harder puzzle, but yes, even will full jitter there will be pieces that repeat-ish (maybe not exactly the same, but same layout certainly) but that’s pretty standard for puzzles

It’s how my family sorts, by shape (after colour)

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What @eflyguy said. Also, you can do fun things editing the svg manually!

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Those are really evil pieces. They look like they should fit, look like the right size and shape and yet are a bit off and no matter how you twist or mash they don’t go together :crazy_face:


your jigsaw puzzle generator is fantastic.! Thank you. It is the best one I have ever used!

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