How To: Weed a Puzzle Like A Boss



Sore thumbs? Hours wasted? Weeding hundreds of pieces one at a time?

File set up:
Rows - Any color
Columns - Any color but the color used for rows


Pin down

Cut rows

Pull all masking off


I hate all of that excess masking, so I trim it.

Cut columns


Painters Tape and 3M Tape Sheet

Matrixed! :smile:




wow that is awesome. I thought you and Rio were off away from the blue bonnets?


Beautiful! A great case of the labor saving is way more than the bit of extra material cost.


Exactly. At $50-100, I’m not going to quibble about pennies worth of masking to enhance a process that saves hours of time.


The closest bluebonnets to me are probably around Big Bend area, which is many hours away. The image itself is actually pretty old - 6 or 7 years?


Great, now I have to order a large roll of masking :man_facepalming:t4:


It’s worth it. 43200 square inches for what, 30 bucks?


is that 16" x 20" ? if so, do you have snapmarks or are you just very precise when you move it up to cut the second part?


This is just a smaller 10x15/250’ish piece.


very cool! Love the image.


Smart. Need to try this.


yeah - now I need to make a puzzle…


A) That’s genius.
B) That’s beautiful.
C) I love the insect pieces. I’ve never seen puzzles quite like that.


You just need to have the operations (cut lines) in a different color, that way the UI knows it’s a seperate operation. Ignore one color and do the other. Just insure nothing moves on the bed.


WOW, @jbmanning5, I love your art!
Thanks for your tips.


This is one of those “obvious when you think about it” types of hints that makes you curse at yourself thinking “why didn’t I think about it.”



For sure. I nearly smacked myself in the forehead and went “Doh” when I realized how much easier this would be.


What’s the source of the uncut image? What material is that? Would be fun to make some custom puzzles for the family cabin, but I don’t know how I’d get a print on a laserable material.