How to Weld in Premium Features?

Is there a way to weld items together in the premium features? Am I missing something?

AFAIK that you’ll need to export to something like Inkscape.

Thanks. I was trying to find a shortcut for creating quick nameplates, but I guess I’ll have to stick to doing them on corel for now if there is no other way

Do you need to weld because of the overlapping letters canceling each other out issue?

No, I need to weld on circles to use for jump hoops
I think I’m going to just add circles to the contour and call it a day. They are less likely to break that way anyway

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There is a way in Premium for easy shapes like adding a ring…draw a small circle and place it over the design. Then select BOTH the design and the circle and do a combination offset.

The Offset should look like this:

That actually creates the ring for you.


Thanks for the advice, everyone! @Jules 's solution will get you an outline that is automatically grouped with the rest of your design.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have further questions, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for asking!

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