How will upgrading affect shipping?

I ordered a Glowforge Basic on 10/19 so according to everything I’ve read on this site so far, that means I should receive my Glowforge during the first half of 2016. I have been considering upgrading to the Pro however and I was wondering if that would bump my shipping date back.

There have been several threads stating that upgrading does not change your place in the overall line, but the line is not straight.

By the line is not straight, I mean: It’s been stated first shipments are reserved for orders expected to have high usage(schools, maker spaces etc) and places close to Glowforge. The aim being to get the early units in the hands of people likely to find problems and be near to reduce shipping costs/delays shoudl returns be necessary. Additionally if they have Basics and the person next in line ordered a pro, the basics further down the line won’t have to wait, and the other way around.

Ah, thank you very much. Been on this site for hours and didn’t see a single one of those threads. Appreciate how nice you were to assist!

From one of the previous threads. Also, I believe @dan has stated that the pro and basic can be made at the same time, so that shouldn’t be a factor either.

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And just for clarification: The assembly line can handle Basic and Pro at the same time. But if the Pro is ready for production before the Basic , or if the Basic is ready before the Pro the company won’t wait to assemble both at once. There are enough differences in the physical and electrical components between the two that no one can yet know the order of production.