How's the beta testing going on the first glowforges?

So i keep getting emails about the glowforge update/whats going on. In these emails all theres is is topics of nothing that matters about the laser itself. What is going on with the testing. Is there somewhere to go to be kept up on how the beta testing is going. Staff we needs some real updates on how its going. Its already mid February and not a word from ive seen. Please let us know.

From reading the following topic and others like it, it seems unlikely that the beta testing information will be shared publicly. From what I gather from @dan’s discussions of what is working and what needs work, he hasn’t referred at all to beta tests as the source of his info. I just keep follow @rpegg’s posts and what he gleans from photos, press releases, web site updates, @dan’s posts, and his photographic memory (or at least mad search-foo).


@jeremy1, it sounds like you are getting email digests from the forums, giving you a synopsis of all forum activity. While useful to someone who wants to keep up with the forums, but not visit them regularly, I believe that the updates are not so useful for you (unless you decide to hang out around here and chat, then… welcome!).

Go in to your settings and trim the updates back to once a month, or disable them. That should keep you from being informed that there is chatter you don’t want to read on a regular basis.


If I am interpreting the Geekwire article correctly, I do not think that the Beta has started. I believe that they made changes and decided to wait until they have units with those changes in place before shipping the beta units out. Please correct me if I am wrong.

There’s a little room for interpretation of the article but that seems most likely. At the very least the original intent to get early units in a public setting for feedback has not occurred.