HTV (heat transfer vinyl) laser cutting on glowforge

So I tested the HTV on my glowforge and cut the vinyl and it came out nice and clean. Still trying to figure out how to burn the vinyl around the image so that I don’t have to weed it out. If anyone has figured that part out, please share.


I would double check with the MSDS, but as far as Im aware, this stuff is incredibly bad to laser cut.

If it contains PVC it will expel chlorine gas when ablated, which can eat your machine, and your lungs causing major permanent damage to both.

Please consult the MSDS before doing any more…


I thought we looked at it and the siser heat transfer stuff was polyurethane.

As for weeding, I don’t have a great answer for you there, sorry.

Yeah there was a whole thread:


well in that case… go for it (as long this is that exact stuff). Not sure why they would name it that way…


Yeah. Msds good.


Because that is how people who normally use the product are used to seeing it? If they see different words in the name they’ll just move on to what they are used to seeing. That would be my uninformed guess, based on my well informed experience working with sales and marketing people.


Looks nice, thanks for sharing your settings.

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This just made me think of the big “controversy” around calling some of the new meat-substitute patties “burgers”. Some industry group is lobbying for laws not allowing the word Burger to be used for things like the Impossible Burgers.
It’s funny, because in that case I think it’s silly protectionism, but this THIS case I actually wish they wouldn’t call something vinyl that isn’t, given the safety considerations folks like us are trying to make.
Interesting new facet to that. ponder ponder ponder…

do we know this is siser? i didn’t see the brand name in the OP’s post.

Not all vinyl is chlorinated.

Give California a few weeks. They’ll have a law mandating the disclosure of chlorine in products. At which point I’ll be torn: overuse of regulatory power vs. big benefit for me. :thinking:


Ok, I’m so glad I found this tread, I had wished so many times that I could cut “vinyl” on the laser. Now I find out there is a “vinyl” substitue that we can laser. Wow! Its like finding out that sugar free actually tastes good!