I am looking for a basic table lamp template

I am looking for a blank table lamp template that allows me to create my own design on the lamp itself.
Does this exist??

There is quite a bit there you could add or change.



One like this that is completely blank on the inside. I just need the basic design of each individual piece as the template. I want to let my art students create their own table lamp

Presuming you’re looking for a square table lamp with nothing decorative so the students can add the decorative part - not that I’m aware of - but there is at least one of this style lamp in the Free Laser Designs category where it would be easy enough to remove the art portion. Keep in mind anything in that category is not to be sold (less you to your students, and more your students to the world)


It would be easy enough to to create an open box of the dimensions you wish as a starter with this.

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