I am looking for a laser safe wood finish

I cant seem to find a solid answer to what brand or type of wood finish is laserable like the proofgrade material finish.

I have some precut solid wood pieces that I would like to engrave but want to apply finish before and then mask it.

Also is there a glossy wood finish spray similar to proofgrade that is ok to use before laser cutting.

Please help.

Don’t worry this has been discussed a lot of times and lots of people will chime in soon.

In the meantime you could try searching the forum for finishing and shellac and other terms. The bottom line is that most finishes are laser safe, but if you want one very close to proof grade surface quality generally shellac is the way to go.


Acrylic wood finishes work great. Oil based should be avoided unless you like fire.


Like water based polycrylic or Mod podge clear acrylic sealer? I have those on hand. :relaxed:

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I use Minwax polycrylic, several very light coats, sanding then cleaning between. It produces a glass-like finish. Takes a day or more.

It’s rare I go to those lengths, but that’s what works for me on “exotic” woods I get from Rockler.


Yes. Those. :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:

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