I am not really happy right now!

I ordered my machine the Plus on the 4th… Expecting to receive tomorrow. I get an email on Saturday saying its been delayed but no date or estimate when it will arrive… Really this does not sound really good and I have emailed several times only to have nothing back… I hope this does not predict how the rest of customer service goes considering there is no phone support…

Thousands of dollars for a product and can’t reach anyone on the phone or answer emails!

Staff takes about 3 days to answer emails, but you should have gotten an auto-response. Check your spam filter. If for some reason your emails are being marked as spam, posting here will let them know that you have attempted contact

Keep in mind that each time you send an email (or post here) you open a new ticket in their system, and they have to gather/verify/delete duplicates before they can respond so it really does slow them down

If you need an instant response during business hours there is a chat option on the main page

I got that that’s not an email to me I want to hear from a person. I got an auto response on Saturday and not live person since… This is not good customer service…

3 days, be patient - or use chat

Oh I also tried the chat today during normal business hours… it went to an email!

Chat is working right now

It’s possible that the question you are asking can’t be answered by the person working chat

Thanks I will see about their response!

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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