I am one with the Forge, the Forge is one with me

I have been doing art exchanges with a lot of artist friends of mine, they send me cool art, I get a copy of something amazing, and I engrave it and send them the engraving. I had been doing this with my chinese laser, but it was a pain to do, so I held off on a number of pieces when the glowforge ship date got close. I figured Id much rather send them something from the glowforge, and now seeing the result I was right. Its so much better.

I really loved this one, and plan to do a larger, full res engrave of it to send to my friend now that I have the glowforge!

oh and PS…

The trace functionality is PERFECT for this. So excited for art trades moving forward!!!


I would love to see this. I don’t have much experience beyond my ancient chinese monster.


Me too! I knew I had to be back at the office, but it wasnt an issue to get a couple of engraves in before I left because of the simplicity of everything. It took me less time to set up this laser and get a cut done than it would have taken me to just get a cut done with my old laser. Kudos to that! I was pleasantly surprised with a number of cool little software tricks you guys were doing during the setup process as well.

I cant tell you how happy I am about all of it! Thank you guys sooo much. I will try to send as much feedback as possible in the meantime.


Now I’m just curious because I have a ton of artist friends who have shown interest.
Did you get the image as a vector? Or did you convert from a PNG?


No I get the originals! I get to hang it on my wall and have a real signed piece.
Ill do it with less. Take a photocopy or a print if its a series, but I love having originals if possible.

Sometimes they’ll send me one original and a couple other pieces that are copies and ill send them engraves of each of them. It all depends.

I would prefer to have something physical though, because there are a lot of artists who are good in their medium, but they are definitely not photographers, and that just wouldnt do the original work justice =P


when you do, also send along a mention of the praise of his work from ‘random internet strangers’ like myself. Really nice work.


A major strength of the machine IMO, I intend to explore the trace function to its fullest.


:squeeee::squeeee::squeeee: yeah…another forge in the wild!!! So exciting!!!


I can’t tell you how excited I am for you—and for the rest of us too that you’ve been so active on the forums and are now able to share actual hands-on experiences with the Glowforge. I look forward to seeing what you produce, but even more what you can share with us as you test things out for them!

That first engrave is GORGEOUS!


I always thought you would be a top prospect to receive a pre-release and here you are! It’s wonderful to know that you got one…congratulations! As bad luck would have it, I ran out of ‘likes’ only a few posts down this page. So here are as many kinds of likes as I can find; :clap: :+1: :sparkling_heart: :tada: :fireworks:


The next one to get the golden ticket email needs to drop everything to read the manual & setup instructions so they can skip that step when theirs arrives. Then we can get a “I can name that song in 5 notes” competition going on…can we get 15 minutes from box to print? 10 minutes? :grinning:

I think current laser owners need a 5 minute handicap because they’re already familiar with things like hooking up the exhaust hose and positioning material for cutting. :slight_smile:


What he said. That is a great wolf.


Yeah, I hate that part. I add “step 1…” to each file to so I remember to do them in the right order.

The Red Sail is a single export to DXF, import to the laser software, set the line colors for speed/power and is a much simpler workflow but the laser software sucks so sometimes the import is effed in translation and I have to fiddle.

Really looking forward to a clean workflow.


Does one then get to name their device in the Glowforge UI? (Just in case someone had multiple machines on one account…)

Which leads me to this:


Congrats @takitus. Fantastic first print.


Congratulations @takitus, another great choice of pre-release tester by the :glowforge: team!


Congrats. Love the wolf &I can’t wait to see what else you do.


Check out Google PhotoScan, it might help your non photographer friends if you get stuck needing a digital copy fast. If go for the hard copies too though.



Excellent work!


When I saw what he named it, I had to go listen to the song :wink: